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Meet the Makers

Get to know the people who make Chester County's farming industry possible. These folks are the backbone of our regional ag economy, steward our natural resources, and put food on our tables every day. Some are born into farming families and some come to their careers from totally unrelated backgrounds. All have a story to tell.


Emma Uhlman, Chester County 4-H

Ten years participating in Chester County's 4-H program have taught Emma Uhlman a lot about responsibility, hard work, and leadership. And it's been a lot of fun, too. Through the program, Emma has found lifelong friendships, career mentors, and even meaningful moments with her sisters. Read about what experiences have meant the most to this year's Chester County Spirit of 4-H Award recipient and how they've shaped her plans for the future.

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Carlo Luciano, Culinary Harvest & Berwyn Farmers Market

It's safe to say that it takes a village to make a successful farmers market run. Market managers, farmer and maker vendors, business owners, volunteers and more need to come together in just the right combination to make the weekly magic happen. The team behind the new Berwyn Farmers Market has got that in spades.

Get to know co-founder Carlo Luciano and learn why Berwyn is the perfect foodie destination on a Sunday morning.

Dan Miloser

Dan Miloser, Chester County Conservation District

To be a farmer is to care about natural resources more than just about any other profession out there. Your business depends on the health of your soil and watershed. But who helps farmers learn about and implement environmental best practices on their farms? That's where the Conservation District steps in. Agricultural Team Leader Dan Miloser has turned his childhood love of the outdoors into a career working side by side with farmers throughout Chester County to meet their farm's goals while improving the quality of their soils.

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Geoff Shellington

Geoff Shellington, Chester County Department of Parks & Preservation

Chester County is one of the leading counties for farmland preservation in the region, but it's something more personal than rankings for Parks & Preservation's Geoff Shellington. After going through the loss of his grandparents' farm, he has made it his mission to help other families keep theirs.

Learn more about Geoff.

Joe Lederer

Joe Lederer, Lederer's Greenhouses

You might only see poinsettias around Christmas, but for Joe Lederer of Lederer's Greenhouses, they are a big deal year-round. Joe and his brother Christopher are third generation growers who specialize in this sometimes misunderstood, always colorful holiday favorite plant.

Learn more about Joe.

Liliani Tapealava-Colon

Liliani Tapealava-Colon, Cannablyss Farms

Did you know there are currently over 20 licensed hemp farms in Chester County? Hemp has been used for thousands of years as a source of fiber and food. While grown commercially in the U.S. until after World War II, hemp became regulated along with marijuana and its cultivation was prohibited until the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. Liliani is an organic hemp grower interested in the plant's anti-inflammatory properties.

Learn more about Liliani.

Robert Lange

Robert "Farmer Bob" Lange, Sugartown Strawberries

Many people know Farmer Bob for the mouth-watering strawberries he grows in the spring and the acres of pick-your-own pumpkins in the fall. He's hosted thousands of school children for tours on his farm, and he cares deeply about stewarding the land's natural resources. But did you know Farmer Bob also co-wrote and hosted the filming of "Hayride to Hell", a horror movie debuting this fall?

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Lori Harrison

Lori Harrison, Director of Communications at the American Mushroom Institute

In celebration of Mushroom Month, we'd like to introduce you to Lori Harrison. She's not a mushroom grower nor does she come from a farming background, but her advocacy communication work is a critical for the industry's success. Learn how she puts her journalism degree to work in service of Chester County's top crop.

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Christy Campli

Christy Campli, Growing Roots Owner and Market Manager

Have you been to the Eagleview, Dowingtown, Malvern or West Reading Farmers Markets? Perhaps you've attended a Craft & Mercantile event or are looking forward to Good Food Fest this fall. If so, you're familiar with some of Christy's handiwork.

Learn more about Christy

Ros Fenton

Ros Fenton, Kennett Square Farmers Market Manager

Ros began as a market customer and is now working behind the scenes to grow Kennett Square's local food scene. Check out her list of seasonal produce favorites and what it means for her to work with the Kennett farmer and producer community.

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