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Robert Lange (aka Farmer Bob) — Farmer and Owner, Sugartown Strawberries

Malvern, PA


What was the inspiration for "Hayride to Hell", your film debuting at The Colonial Theater on October 26th?

The film is about a small-town farmer who exacts revenge on unscrupulous town folk who try to steal his land and stars well known horror movie actors Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder.

The inspiration for our movie was our "Sugartown Scare" haunted hayride that we offered on the farm in the Autumns from 1993-1998. A broader goal and inspiration for me is to raise funds for an endowment to keep our farm protected long after I'm gone.

What was it like to shoot the movie on your farm?

The process of filming on the farm was incredibly complex. There were many moving parts and most days we had over 25 people on set. We had a very upbeat and energetic group, from our production team to cast and crew, and each person's part was crucial to the success of our production. There was an incredible sense of teamwork. We were also under various COVID-19 restrictions and extreme weather conditions with filming in the winter months. The whole experience has been incredibly rewarding.

Thinking of the non-cinematic fall festivities on the farm, what kind of pumpkins do you grow? Do you have a favorite variety for carving and cooking?

We grow 15-20 different varieties. My favorite pumpkins are the Prize Winner pumpkins. These can get over 100 pounds sometimes! I guess I like them because they're so big and because the kids love to see big pumpkins! We grow Neck Pumpkins for pies, but I don't cook any of them myself.

What is your favorite thing about farming?

Being outside and watching nature, day-to-day and season-to-season. I especially enjoy watching the migratory birds on the farm. We have several hundred species that migrate through each year. My favorites are the Purple Martins that nest here every spring.

Learn more about Farmer Bob — and make plans to pick pumpkins.

Reserve your tickets now for the world premiere of "Hayride to Hell" at The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, Wednesday, October 26th at 7:00 pm.