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Carlo Luciano — Culinary Harvest & Berwyn Farmers Market

Carlo Luciano

What drew you to Berwyn and your current location to set up a new market?

We originally established Culinary Harvest back in 2020 as an online farmers market with curbside pickup in Wayne. We were looking to make a pivot to that model when Stacey Ballard of Eadeh Enterprises reached out to talk about offering a market in Berwyn and was looking for a market coordinator. She had spearheaded the rebuilding/renovating of the Bronze Plaza and really wanted to make Berwyn a destination. She was an original CH customer and appreciated that we went the extra mile with finding the best of the best of vendors and products in the area. It was perfect timing and both sides jumped at the opportunity to team up and create the Berwyn Farmers Market.

Why did you decide to hold the market on Sundays?

We knew that the majority of farmers markets in this region were focused on Saturdays. As a father of two young kids, Saturdays were over-saturated with sports activities and other extracurricular obligations. You feel like you're running to one thing to the next all day long whereas Sundays were a time for more family-focused activities and offered a slightly more relaxed vibe.

How has the market been received by the local community?

We were relatively confident from the feedback from our Culinary Harvest customers that this would be a great spot for a farmers market, but I don't think that we were fully prepared for the incredible outpouring of enthusiasm and support that came from the local community. It's been amazing and we're so grateful for it.

Was there anything that surprised you about the process of setting up new market? Any unexpected challenges or opportunities you discovered in the process?

We couldn't have asked for a smoother process, honestly. Eadeh Enterprises has been an integral piece of that process and my background in large venue events has helped a lot! The Culinary Harvest team has put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into making this market awesome and unique — it's so rewarding to see it come to life every Sunday!

Carlo Luciano2

You have a great list of regular vendors. Are there any upcoming guest vendors, live music, activities, or theme days you'd like to encourage folks to look out for as well?

Thank you — we spent a good amount of time curating our vendors and we couldn't do the market without them! We have weekly themes at the market — first Sundays are live music, second Sundays are education/community, third Sundays are Eadeh-sponsored swag giveaways, and fourth Sundays highlight a local NPO or charity. Vendor announcements, special guests, and our themes are promoted through our weekly newsletter and through social media on the Berwyn Farmers Market Instagram and Facebook handles, so that's always a good way to stay in the loop! We're also excited to be participating in the Berwyn Summer Fest that will run on August 27th throughout Berwyn and benefit the Berwyn Fire Company — we've added live music to that weekend in addition to our regularly scheduled theme! For future plans, we've decided to extend the market season through the winter and we're hosting a late afternoon holiday market on Saturday December 2nd that will be primarily artisan-based vendors. Residents won't want to miss it!

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